Auguste Rodin’s monumental marble sculpture of two naked lovers fused in passion, The Kiss represents Paolo and Francesca, two characters borrowed from Dante’s Divine Comedy. It must be one of the frankest – and most popular – images of love in the history of art.

As with many of Rodin’s sculptures The Kiss is designed to be viewed from every angle and Rodin wanted the piece to be believable and real.

Although it was not made intentionally, Rodin repeated many times the sculpture until he found the correct size of it: 181,5cm x 112,3cm. Exactly an AUREA PROPORTION.

Deep in the Apuane Mountains of Tuscany, Italy are the most beautiful white marbles the world has ever known. It is here that the rich tradition of Italian marble production began, and it is these exquisite stones that have inspired so many throughout human history.

Continuously quarried for over 2000 years, this classic symbol of wealth and refined taste has been employed in the construction of many of western civilization’s most important monuments. Statuario is the most precious variety of these Italian marbles. Dramatic veining against an icy white backdrop – Statuario makes an impactful statement in any design. Timeless in its beauty, its crisp white background and gray veining brings a sense of elegance and sophistication to any project.

Now, thanks to Phi Technology, you have DIVINE. A unique Statuario that will match perfectly in your dream project.

“Nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely”
Auguste Rodin