But our tribute to the figure of Fibonacci cannot stay in the realm of the mere facts. One of the great aspects of mathematics, one that allows us to dream and dare to make dreams real, is its endless capacity of connection.

The mathematics of the Golden Ratio and of the Fibonacci sequence are no exception to this magic-ish phenomenon. Even the apparently random flight of a beautiful butterfly can be analyzed and subject to explanation by reducing it to the Golden Ratio. We know it would be a game, a divertimento, but this apparently useless game would prepare us to reach new possibilities of real scientific knowledge, new horizons which we didn’t dare to contemplate before.

And, precisely this is the biggest and most important tribute the Aurea Stone pays both to Fibonacci and its proponents: daring to imagine the unthinkable. Venturing onward to new creations based on the solid ground of science, while always exemplifying a timeless beauty.

Color Description: Refinement yet striking vast grey veins confronting a pure white background. A very realistic pattern which confers classicism and sobriety to any space.