A new material that will start a revolution, it has to be seen to be believed!
The most realistic match to natural marble.
The brightest and whitest stone on the market that has veins with unique translucent transparency as natural stone does.
Created with exclusive phi technology that guarantees a stainless surface. Slabs are available in a polish and newly introduced silk finish
Aurea Stone is the brightest and whitest on the market.

Why do apple blossoms always have five petals?
Only children ask such questions. Adults pay little attention to such things, taking them for granted, like the fact we use only as many numbers as we can count on our ten fingers.

When we look deeply into the patterns of an apple blossom, a seashell or a swinging pendulum, however, we discover a perfection, an incredible order, that awakens in us a sense of awe that we knew as children.

Something reveals itself that is infinitely greater than we are and yet part of us; the limitless emerges from limits.

It is through those small details, where the combination of in-depth knowledge of the stone industry, together with PHI TECHNOLOGY, brings a unique product that has never seen before.

PHI TECHNOLOGY is a one-step, ambient temperature, ambient pressure process that unites the standard manufacturing process and mixing composition in the Engineered stone industry, culminating in an exclusive natural looking stone that has been pursued for years.

Nano Enhancement of Surfaces (NEOS), is a new high-performance stain and substance repellent technology developed for Aurea Stone surfaces.

Invisible to the naked eye, NEOS has been scientifically formulated to produce a hybrid protectant with physical characteristics that resists staining, keeps surfaces clean and guards against everyday wear and tearWith the application of NEOS, Aurea Stone surfaces are safely protected from acid corrosion.

This is due to the chemical stability of NEOS which resists ranges between pH1 and pH13, making it the only protectant resistant to a broad range of chemicals.

NEOS has been innovated to form a permanent bond with the components Aurea Stone; its technology requires zero maintenance and requires no future application because NEOS lasts forever. This makes Aurea Stone the most durable product in the industry.

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