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Nature holds a great mystery, zealously guarded from those who would profane the wisdom.

Recurrently throughout history pieces of this ancient knowledge have been quietly revealed to those who have attuned their eyes to see and ears to hear. Many of us tend to walk through life half asleep, at times numbed, if not deadened to the exquisite order that surround us.

But a trail of clues to that mystery has been always there for the open minded the sensible and the enthusiasts.

The secretive tradition centers on a study of number, harmony, geometry and cosmology that stretches back through the mists of time back to the Egyptian, Babylonian, Greek, Indian and Chinese cultures.

There are many names for this mysterious section but originally it was known as AUREA PROPORTION. This proportion can be found in nature, in the human body, at the galaxies and it can be calculated mathematically.

Through history, humankind has discovered and rediscovered this concept in different occasions. Aurea, or divine proportion, is considered as the excellence of beauty and design Artists have learnt from Nature’s wisdom and now AUREA STONE translates that perfection into your everyday life through its unique collections that will take you to the Zenith of Design and beauty.

Why Aurea Stone?

A new material that is said to be a Revolution.

A new natural looking that everyone has been searching but, until now, nobody has been able to achieve.

Following the market trends, and assuming that white marbles are an endless demanded product in the market, Aurea Stone, together with Phi technology has developed a new material that:


As Natural Stone patterns do, our veins show a unique translucent transparency that will make you believe they are real.


Yes, it is true, our patterns look like they are alive, and an incredible shade changing and movement inside make them unique as not other engineered stone does.


The way Aurea Stone is produced together with Phi Technology grants a grainless surface with an extraordinary white background


Phi Technology brings an enhanced surface, suitable for any application with a better durability than any other material.


Finally High End Natural Stones can be purchased and used for any application with a consistent looking, consistent price and with any quantity needed. Ideal for those large projects.


Much less water absorption than quartz or any other engineered stones.


Phi Technology grant a stainless surface. Finally certain natural stone can be used in that dreamt application.


Easy to cut and manufacture, and what is more important, forget about usable surface of the slab… ALL OF IT !!!


Why do apple blossoms always have five petals?

Only children ask such questions. Adults pay little attention to such things, taking them for granted, like the fact we use only as many numbers as we can count on our ten fingers.

When we look deeply into the patterns of an apple blossom, a seashell or a swinging pendulum, however, we discover a perfection, an incredible order, that awakens in us a sense of awe that we knew as children.

Something reveals itself that is infinitely greater than we are and yet part of us; the limitless emerges from limits.

It is through those small details where the combination of a deep knowledge in the stone industry, together with PHI TECHNOLOGY brings a unique product that has never seen before.

PHI TECHNOLOGY is a one-step, ambient temperature, ambient pressure process that joins the standard manufacturing process and mixing composition in the Engineered stone industry, obtaining an exclusive natural stone looking that has been pursued for years.

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